Download the AMBEX Pre-Arrival Guide (link here) for detailed information on packing, housing, transportation, health and safety, immigration and customs, and other important matters.  Dates in the pre-arrival guide are specific to previous semester and should not be used for purposes of planning or purchasing tickets.

Application/Registration Process

Q: How many college units do I need to have completed to apply?
Q: When may I submit my application?
Q: What is required as part of the application?
Q: How does AMBEX make acceptance decisions?
Q: When will I know whether or not I am accepted?
Q: I'm on a wait list. What are my chances and when will I know if I get to go?
Q: What other options do I have if I've been placed on a wait list?
Q: What happens after I am accepted?

Orientation, Academics & Language

Q: What’s included in Orientation?
Q: Are there any language course pre-requisites?
Q: Do I have to take a language while overseas?
Q: Is it possible to learn German while at AMBEX?
Q: Who teaches the courses at AMBEX?
Q: Are computers available overseas?
Q: Can I do a distance learning class?
Q: Does AMBEX have five-day classes?
Q: Is there pre and post course/program ‘home work’?


Q: Can my friends and parents stay with me at the AMBEX residence?
Q: What about telecommunications e.g. telephone connections?


Q: How much does the program cost?
Q: What is included in the AMBEX costs?
Q: Are there any external costs associated with the program that are not included in the AMBEX tuition, room & board charge?
Q: Does financial aid apply to AMBEX?
Q: Are there scholarship available?
Q: How much spending money should I take with me?
Q: How do I get money when I'm overseas?

Passports & Visas

Q: How do I get a passport?

Q: Do I need a visa to participate in my program?
Q: What can I do now?


Q: From where do the students depart and arrive?
Q: Is the cost of airfare included in the program charge?
Q: Can I arrange my own travel to the program?
Q: What opportunities are there for travel?
Q: Do I need insurance?
Q: May friends or alumni visit AMBEX ?
Q: Is there a special or preferred time for Family and Friends to visit AMBEX?
Q: How many students enroll at AMBEX?
Q: Do I need any vaccinations?
Q: Do I need to complete a medical examination evaluation?
Q: Will I graduate on time if I study off campus for a semester?
Q: How will I be billed?
Q: When do I pay for the semester?
Q: How is credit granted?

Health Care

Q: How is health care handled?
Q: How does health care differ in Germany?
Q: What about pharmaceutical matters?