The AMBEX Value

210 students from 31 colleges and universities have attended AMBEX since it launched in 2008.  The unique combination of 24/7 contact with accomplished Christian college professors, hands-on academic tours, and compelling classes in the heart of Europe equips AMBEX alumni to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Set Yourself Apart

By looking at this website, you are on the way to joining the ten percent of U.S. college students who study abroad, according to the Institute for International Education. AMBEX will help put you on your path towards your international education experience. With our semester and summer programs centered around Christ and located in Germany with extensive opportunities for travel, you are sure to find that AMBEX is right for you. Exploring this website is the first step to obtaining the many valuable benefits of an international education experience.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Studying abroad for a summer or a semester will give you a fresh perspective of yourself, the United States, and the world.  By living in a foreign country you will constantly challenge yourself in many new and exciting ways and gain a level of independence you never knew you had.  Studying abroad will expose you to diverse people and viewpoints, and you will get to experience a different way of life apart from yours in the United States. You will be immersed in the language, culture, and people of your host country and will get to experience life as a resident, not as a mere tourist.

Earn College Credit

Achieving all these things can be done while earning credit towards your current degree.  AMBEX allows you to earn up to 15 credits of major/minor/elective lower and upper division courses. In addition, AMBEX offers individual and group tutoring in German, all included in the cost of the program. When you return from abroad you may actually be ahead of your classmates who stayed behind.

Boost Your Career

Today’s competitive job market requires applicants to distinguish themselves, and international education experience is the perfect way to do so.  Having international education experience is an incredible resume booster, as it shows prospective employers you are motivated, independent, and generally more qualified.  Additionally, obtaining foreign language skills can make you eligible for all sorts of jobs that you may have otherwise been unqualified for.

The staff at AMBEX is excited to bring you all of these wonderful benefits of a study abroad experience. Congratulations on taking your first steps to one of the best experiences of your life!

“By studying foreign cultures and languages and living abroad, we gain a better understanding of the many similarities that we share and learn to respect our differences. …I call on … [students]… to participate in activities that increase their knowledge of and appreciation for global issues, languages, history, geography, literature, and the arts of other countries.”
-- Former President George W. Bush


  1. Honor(ing) the Biblical and Cultural Mandate
    1. As shining lights in the world—go  into all the nations and they shall see the salvation of our God
    2. God said:  “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it . . . to yield its riches and accomplish God’s purposes”
    3. Ambex will help you become cross culturally literate, more capable and creative
  2. Spiritual and Intellectual growth – Ambex is/has . . .
    1. God honoring, Christ pleasing , church blessed
    2. Highly qualified (1 Tim 3) professors
    3. Mature Christian classmates – accountability partners
    4. “Core of  life” courses --  Christian Worldview, Reformation Theology and Biblically integrated humanities courses e.g. Art History, Literature, etc.
    5. Seminar and discipleship learning styles
    6. Academic Tours (week long) to (1) Italy and around (2) Reformation Germany
    7. Co-curricular guest bible speakers and studies
  3. Ambex helps you express good stewardship of your time, talents and treasures (funds)
    1. Tuition, Room and Board are about the same price as the average Christian college semester in the USA i.e. Affordable
    2. Ambex plans to be fully accredited through our anchor university; therefore credits and federal financial aid are transferable.
    3. Opportunities for individual travel, with Ambex friends
    4. Resume’ enhancement
    5. Practical preparation for a life of lasting contribution
  4. European Enrichment and Adventure
    1. Experience Europe’s rich culture – music, art, architecture,  theologians, philosophers, scientists
    2. Beautiful mountains, lakes and meadows
    3. Germany’s castles, cathedrals, economy with modern/inexpensive transportation
    4. Meet and make many new friends – of a lifetime
  5.  Location – Ambex is at …
    1. The cultural, geographic and economic heart of Europe
    2. Big, beautiful Bavaria (Germany’s largest and most popular state)
    3. Regal Regensburg – home of Ambex
    4. Well managed, friendly Student Inn located on an island in the Danube River
    5. Short walk to Old Town (one of Germany’s oldest) and Modern Shopping Mall


To Students:

  • A greater understanding of the key issues of a Christian worldview, the Reformation, Art, History and European influence and culture and their foundational importance to Christianity and their importance to the Christian life.
  • An enriched overall spiritual experience that influences other classmates and benefits future ministry.
  • A greater appreciation of the cost the Reformers paid to protect that which we take for granted.
  • A greater ability to adequately defend the faith, along with a greater assurance of the truth and authority of Scripture in light of modern and post-modern attacks.
  • A greater awareness of cross-cultural issues with respect to ministry and evangelism.
  • A greater love and knowledge of the greatness of God and his plan and accomplishment of redemption in Christ.

To Sending Schools:

  • Advances curricular offerings to existing and prospective students
  • Recruiting is enhanced by offering a unique and exclusive program to prospective students.
  • The overall spiritual and educational experience of the college’s student body is advanced, either directly through participation, or indirectly through the influence of participants upon others.

To the Church At-Large:

  • The church of Christ is blessed by the growth of its members in the grace and knowledge of Christ.
  • Saints in the Regensburg area will be encouraged and blessed by the students and ministries of AMBEX.
  • By God’s grace, Germans and others in Europe evangelized by students or other ministries associated with AMBEX, may come to Christ.
  • A new generation of missionaries will be raised up.

To Ministry Partners:

  • AMBEX provides a means for partners to participate in the mission, philosophy of ministry, and goals of AMBEX.
  • AMBEX provides a vehicle for partners to be a rich blessing to many students, providing them with the opportunity for a life-changing academic and ministry experience in the land of the Reformation.
  • AMBEX provides the means to participate in all of the value of AMBEX noted above, to sending schools, students, and the church at-large.


In the fulfillment of its mission, AMBEX endeavors to accomplish four objectives:

  1. As a theological institution committed to a comprehensive, God-honoring biblical worldview, AMBEX seeks to teach all course content in light of God’s creating, ordering, and sustaining of all things.  As all of reality is dependent upon God and bears the conspicuous marks of His perfections, so also mankind is dependent upon God for a proper knowledge and understanding of His universe.
  2. As an academic extension of conservative Christian colleges and universities committed to Christian education, AMBEX seeks to benefit a select group partner schools by enhancing their appeal to prospective students, and by enriching the overall academic and spiritual experience of participating students.
  3. As a ministry committed to spiritual growth and maturity, AMBEX seeks to develop in students an increasing reverence of the greatness of God, a greater appreciation and understanding of their Christian heritage, and a growing attitude of gratitude for God’s infinite mercy and grace in Christ, in preparation for a life of faithful service to Christ in the church, society, and the world.
  4. As an extension of the church committed to the glory and honor of the person and redeeming work of Christ, AMBEX seeks to partner with ministries in Europe to involve students in the work of the Great Commission of Christ in modeling and sharing the Gospel of life to the local and greater European community, including members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Civil Services.