On Location

Pack your bags and earn college credit while taking courses from Christian college professors in Germany, Austria, and Italy.


Your home-away-from home will be historic Regensburg, home of AMBEX, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Germany’s oldest ancient Roman settlements.

Located in beautiful Bavaria on the Danube River, Regensburg is near Munich (1 hr), Nuremberg (1 hr), Austria (1hr) and the Czech Republic (1.5hr).  Despite its well-preserved 2,000-year heritage, Regensburg is an energetic, prosperous town of 142,000 with a major university (16,000 students) that gives a lively boost to the cultural and entertainment scene. Best of all, Regensburg is off the main American and British tourist circuit, so you’ll feel that you’re visiting “the real Germany”- at least until you see KFC and the San Francisco Coffee Company in old-town Regensburg.

Regensburg, Germany straddles both sides of the Danube River.

Regensburg is the best preserved medieval Gothic city in Germany, according to Deutsche Welle.  It has  been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006.

In this relatively small, charming, conservative (pro-American) city, you will have many opportunities to get acquainted with their German hosts—nearly all speak English.

Regensburg Student Inn, home of AMBEX.


You will live in a very clean, secure, well managed Student Inn aka Regensburg Youth Hostel on an island in the middle of the Danube River just a short walk to the UNESCO Heritage Site in Regensburg's medieval core.  A major shopping mall beckons on the opposite side of the river.  Plentiful, nutritious meals are served at the Student Inn's attractive, award-winning dining hall in buffet style.  The Student Inn also has indoor and outdoor recreation facilities/equipment, internet, overnight storage, and laundry capabilities on site.


The Student Inn provides AMBEX with its own state-of-the-art classroom, making it very easy to get to class on time.

AMBEX also shares a cooperative agreement with the University of Regensburg so that students can utilize the extensive English holdings at the university library. The library affords AMBEX students the opportunity to do research and interact with Europeans.

AMBEX Classroom at the Regensburg Student Inn.

To ensure safety and 24-hour contact, AMBEX supplies each student with a cell phone while they attend the program. Students can load the phones with minutes to make outgoing calls.

Somewhat unique to study abroad programs in central Europe, AMBEX offers students opportunities beyond the classroom, such as attending local churches and getting involved with its own university outreach to German students as well as short-term mission trips (German and/or English)—among Americans (military families) and/or Germans.

Take the step of faith and join us for the next AMBEX semester abroad!


A week-long "traveling-classroom" tour with immersive lectures throughout Germany.


The Florence of Germany and former royal residence of the Kings of Saxony, Dresden has been furnished with rich works of art and breathtaking architecture since its establishment in 1206.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

It was here that the famous monk, Martin Luther, taught theology (beginning in 1508), nailed his 95 Theses, and began the Protestant Reformation, earning the city the distinction as "Luther City."


Erfurt is known for its Augustinian Monastery. Here, this Order brought forth the Monk who would change the direction of the Church and the course of history.


This city is home to the famed Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther translated the first Bible into a common tongue (German). Eisenach was also home to famed composer Johann Sebastian Bach.


Germany’s capital and one of the most influential cities in all of Europe, Berlin is home to over 3 million people. This city has a history incomparable to that of any other in the former East Germany, most notable for the Berlin Wall.


In 1450 this town leapt onto the map because of the small shop printer named Johann Gutenberg who is credited with inventing the printing press.


Known most famously for the imperial diet of the Holy Roman Empire that took place here against Martin Luther, commonly known as the Diet of Worms. Here Martin Luther “could not" and did not recant.


The Paris of Germany - Heidelberg is known as the German city of love because of its charming atmosphere and river-front setting.


Connect with German culture, history and theology in the first weekend trip of the semester.


The Athens of Germany. This city was the focal point of the German Enlightenment and home to Weimar Classicist writers J.W. Goethe and Friedrich Schiller.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial

Buchenwald was one of the first and largest concentration camps in all of Germany during the Second World War.

Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial

The final resting place of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and thousands of innocent lives during the Third Reich.


Cross the Alps through Austria and descend into the heart of the Renaissance as we begin our final academic tour into Italy.

Florence, Italy

Formerly the center for medieval European trade, Florence was one of the wealthiest cities in its time and the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Pisa, Italy

Home to the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, (the bell tower to the city’s cathedral).

Salzburg, Austria-

The fact that this stunning city is the setting of the movie The Sound of Music makes our time here in Salzburg even more enjoyable.

Venice, Italy

Explore Europe's quintessential, car-less canal city after a day of art history lectures in Venetian streets and cathedrals.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Enjoy a free day in the Italian Riviera, a rugged hiking paradise of beaches, wooded trails and medieval fishing towns.


Co-curricular excursions through the semester bring history to life.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This medieval city is completely surrounded by a massive stone wall.


Lively Munich, nestled in the Alps, is known for its rich cultural heritage, lederhosen, dirndls, Oktoberfest and as Germany's economic powerhouse.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The inspiration behind the “Disneyland Castle” was built by one of the last kings of Bavaria, King Ludwig II.


Travel and study for three weeks with your peers!  In addition to scheduled academic tours, you will travel independently and extensively beyond the city limits of Regensburg.  Where to?

AMBEX students travel independently in groups of at least two same-gender students during the three Independent Reading and Travel Weeks.


Train travel within Germany is easy to use and is relatively inexpensive.  Train travel anywhere in Bavaria (Germany's largest & most beautiful state) only costs 10€/day with five classmates, and on weekends, students can choose any destination in Germany for only 40€/day.  Round-trip airfare from Munich or Nuremberg to most major cities in Europe usually costs around 100€.

Missions Opportunities

During Independent Travel Weeks students also have the option of going on mission/ministry trips with local missionaries.  In the past students have gone to Romania, Hungary & all over Germany to support and assist local churches & missionaries in their endeavors.  AMBEX will assist in connecting students with these ministry partners whenever possible. In addition there are many additional outreach opportunities available through World Venture.


Over the past 10 semesters, AMBEXers have touched the soil of over 30 countries in their independent reading/travel weeks.

98% of AMBEX alumni agree that Independent Reading and Travel Weeks enhanced their professional potential.

Will you take the leap of faith for a semester of a lifetime? Where will you leave your legacy as a future AMBEXer?

"It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step out onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to." -J.R.R. Tolkien