Sara Lacroix, Corban University

“There is nothing like studying abroad.”

There is nothing like studying abroad. All of the memories made and the friendships formed to any other experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should be embraced fully and lived thoroughly. The past semester has caused unexpected growth, and has presented challenges completely out of the norm. It is something that cannot be fully expressed in words, but its importance will never be forgotten. It is the difference between learning and experiencing. Anyone can sit in a classroom and take notes; it is a completely different thing to be standing in front of the piece of art, or standing in front of the building, or walking in the footsteps of historical people. Being in the rooms where they worked and slept is different than looking at a flat picture of the room. New levels of understanding are reached just by being there. It is also the chance to branch out and meet people beyond the normal comforts of home. People one would not normally talk to suddenly become a best friend or a sister. The bonds formed will never go away. It will always hold a special place in memory; it will always be a safe place to return to. Trust has been built where it was not present before.

“Trust has been built where it was not present before.”

Lives have been changed for the better, and it all happened by taking a leap of faith and flying across the big pond to the beautiful land of Germany. God, Coach, Kelley, the parents, and all the professors who came and put their hearts into the program have impacted lives and made the experience. It is their hard work that made the program a success. It is to them the eleven young women owe their thanks and gratitude.

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