Amanda Doty, The Master’s College

“My classes taught me how to defend ‘Truth’ to a lost world without being judgmental or condescending.”

I could never have dreamed of the implications that a semester at Ambex would have for me. I wasn’t expecting to face certain challenges and adversities, but that seems to be the way the Lord always works. The courses from this semester all blended together in this complementary fashion that has made me examine the way I read books, watch movies, and speak with people. The places I’ve traveled have opened my eyes to mankind in a world outside of my hometown. Above all I’ve seen God work in every country, every class, every girl in this program and I’ve seen God work in me in a way I could have never expected. I didn’t understand the implications German culture and geography would have on me during this semester. I thought that it would be a course where I would learn some facts about a country and then move on to the next subject without applying the information, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, reading books can help explain the German life-style, but that is nothing compared to living among the people. I watched the employees at the youth hostel and I spoke with kids from the Bliss youth group and was able to discern for myself how the German people really tick. My classes taught me how to defend “Truth” to a lost world without being judgmental or condescending. They taught me that not every situation is black or white and pushed my boundaries. They taught me to look at the world through the eyes of others and see religion, books, movies and art through their eyes. One of the most beautiful moments of this 3-month endeavor happened on Easter Sunday. When the Scriptures were read in 4 different languages I was almost moved to tears. God presented this opportunity for me to come to Ambex this semester and I jumped on it for my own personal experience, but He quickly revealed that this semester was not about me. This semester was about Him, and how to explain to others His love and His grace. This semester was about understanding people that live with different customs and who speak different languages, and yet need God the same as I do. God sees and is concerned with the heart and that is why this semester was important.

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