Financial Aid

AMBEX offers its own competitive scholarships!

AMBEX understands that not every student has the means to directly pay program fees and welcomes students to explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Financial aid may be allocated to cover all reasonable expenses of your study abroad trip.  These include program tuition and fees, room & board and other costs of living that may be incurred while abroad.

Please keep in mind that federal financial aid & loans may be transferable through the sending university/institution.

AMBEX also offers its own scholarships!  Check out the section titled “AMBEX Scholarships” for more information.

Applying for Financial Aid

Receiving Financial Aid

What information do your financial aid and study abroad offices need?

What is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and why you should fill one out?

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What other types of aid are available?

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AMBEX Scholarship Information

Ambex Scholarship Applications Steps

AMBEX Scholarship Application

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