AMBEX presents a three-month Christian semester abroad in the heart of Europe with 15 credit hours.

Although AMBEX is not accredited on its own, a number of Christian colleges and universities will consider/transfer credits for its students.

The following schools have agreed to accept AMBEX credits through an Articulation/Credit Transfer agreement:

  • Cairn University (pending)
  • Thomas Edison State University (pending)

Our professors challenge students to reflect, evaluate and apply the concepts and historical knowledge gained. Each syllabus includes an assignment requiring students to interact with host nationals. These assignments validate and apply their learning firsthand while introducing AMBEX participants to new European friends.

Each course is augmented with official academic travel to such places as Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Wittenberg, Heidelberg, Venice, Florence, and more.   History, political science, literature, arts and theology come alive as you engage in classroom lecture combined with travel and onsite study.  Between each modular course, students also take advantage of three independent reading weeks to travel on their own with a buddy .

Your home university will decide how many credits to award for AMBEX.  Consult with your university’s registrar or study abroad office to see how credits may be applied.

AMBEX courses generally meet General Education, Elective and/or Major (upper division) requirements. It is desired that every course/credit count toward graduation.  At some colleges some AMBEX courses may serve solely for spiritual and professional advancement but still appear on the transcript.

Please check the AMBEX Calendar to identify which courses are being offered during a given semester.

Typical semester schedule:

TH313AMAM Christian Worldview & Apologetics 3 units
HI303AMAM European History, Geography & Culture 3 units
TH303AMAM Theology of Reformation 3 units
AT334AMAM Art History of the Western World 3 units
EN493AMAM Modern European Literature 3 units

Except for HI303, courses last two weeks each with an average of four hours of instruction per day.  Courses are held in the AMBEX classroom at the Regensburg Student Inn.

HI303 overlays the entire semester.

Download the AMBEX Prospectus to view a full description of the program.

Course Descriptions:

Christian Worldview & Apologetics

European History, Geography & Culture

Theology of Reformation

Art History of the Western World

Modern European Literature


Textbooks and related materials purchased by the students are mostly electronic (supported by Kindle). Classes are taught seminar-style and include lectures utilizing PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards, WiFi access, etc. Class size averages 12 students per semester, but can range between 7 and 18 students.