AMBEX prepares students as global servants

Activities beyond the AMBEX classroom provide opportunities for spiritual growth in the practical application of truth learned in the classroom. Christian study abroad has the stewardship of helping students link their experience with God’s plan for the nations. We carefully leverage the entirety of the AMBEX experience to challenge students toward Christian service. In addition to our rigorous academic offerings, students have opportunity for outreach during their stay in Regensburg.

Here are some practical ways in which students have been involved in service during their AMBEX semester:

  • Involvement in University Outreach with AMBEX
  • Attending and serving at the Evangelical Student Union (ESG)
  • Weekly Bible Study Leadership
  • AMBEX Chapel Worship Leadership
  • Involvement in our local church’s coffee house student ministry
  • Involvement in our local church’s HELP ministry assisting single moms
  • Involvement in the Sunday-soccer league through the local church’s in Regensburg
  • Outreach opportunities through mission trips to Eastern Europe
  • Outreach opportunities through assisting various German missionaries in their ministries
  • Relational outreach through the Regensburg Student Inn

Local Church Involvement

AMBEX  encourages regular church involvement during participants’ stay in Regensburg. AMBEX partners with the Lifestream Church in Regensburg. It’s a wonderful place to meet German believers, worship and grow together spiritually, and make life-long friends. Other para-church organizations such as InterVarsity, RUF, CRU, Navigators and Connection also give opportunity for Christian fellowship and ministry.