Health and Safety

AMBEX staff are always available to assist students in any emergency situation. AMBEX maintains contingency plans to handle all types of emergencies, medical or otherwise. AMBEX monitors all U.S. State Department travel advisories and follows all recommendations they issue. Health and accidental emergencies are covered by the comprehensive traveler’s insurance package provided by Travelex insurance which is required as part of your admission.  In the event of an emergency demanding medical attention, hospitals are accessible 24 hours a day in all AMBEX program cities.

Emergency Contacts

AMBEX recommends that students use their parents as their emergency contacts. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, all information will be distributed to parents. Be sure to provide your emergency contacts and your home institutions with your correct contact information abroad.

Emergency phone numbers vary by country.  Consult the State Department’s 911 ABROAD publication for the countries you are visiting.


  • Students are advised to check with their physicians to ensure that your immunizations (measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria-tetanus, etc.) etc. are up to date. Bring along your ‘Shot Record’.
  • It is not possible to mail medications from the US to Europe. All such packages will be seized and destroyed by European customs.
  • Use common sense when it comes to your health while you are abroad. The stress and time change combines with a new daily routine can be unsettling at first. Be sure to eat well, drink lots of fluids, and get enough sleep. This will help you get through the adjustment phase at the start of your term abroad.
  • Always travel with any medication you use on a regular basis, as well as a copy of your prescriptions. Bring enough of your prescription medication with you to last the entirety of your stay, and plan for delayed travel etc. This is especially important if you will be carrying insulin or syringes. Make sure all prescription drugs are carried in their original, labeled containers. Do not assume your prescriptions can be filled as easily overseas as they can be in the US. Anyone with chronic problems should have their physician fully document their case and carry this information; Notify AMBEX of specific issues in case of an emergency.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, be sure to carry a copy of your prescription. It is also helpful to leave an extra copy at home in case you need someone to send a replacement. Contact lens wearers will want to bring their care products (solutions, tablets, eye drops, etc.) with them as the cost of these products abroad can be very high.
  • We also highly recommend bringing a selection of over-the-counter pain, cold, flu etc. drugs from the U.S. Europe tends to have much more stringent over-the-counter regulations and it is often difficult to obtain even basic medicines without a prescription. In addition drugs (prescription & over-the-counter) tend to be quite a bit more expensive than in the States.
  •         Read U.S. Center for Disease Control Health Information for travelers venturing to Germany


AMBEX fees include an International Insurance policy through Brotherhood Mutual. For a detailed explanation of coverage and reimbursement, please read the Brotherhood Brochures (2 documents) to be provided with your Pre-Arrival Guide

  • Please note that doctor’s visits, medication etc. must be paid for up-front, in cash.
  • Please be sure to bring an ATM card as well as a major credit card in case of illness or a medical emergency.
  • All bills should be collected and submitted to Brotherhood Mutual for consideration & reimbursement.

Foreign medical insurance is provided to AMBEX students through Corban University’s policy. This policy, which is the “Passport to Ministry” program through Brotherhood Mutual, includes the following coverage:

  • Bodily injury by disease ($1 million each student)
  • Bodily Injury by accident ($1 million each student
  • Contingent Auto Liability ($1 million per accident)
  • Foreign Liability – including lawsuits – ($1 million per occurrence)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Additional coverage is also included and described in the brochure which we will give to you with the pre-arrival guide. Each AMBEX student is signed up automatically. All of Europe is covered as well as a selection of other countries. Before traveling to non-European countries, please verify with AMBEX that Brotherhood insurance covers your destination nation.