Program Profile


1376601_10152289220279867_1963567294_n-001 AMBEX offers a fall and spring semester-long study abroad program in Europe. Expand your college education by studying in Regensburg, Berlin, Salzburg, Venice, Florence, Dresden, Heidelberg and more!

Study in English while living in Europe & gaining full (transferable) college credit towards your degree!

AMBEX has a dedicated team of study abroad enthusiasts, devoted to spreading the benefits of international education to U.S. college and university students.  Studying abroad was the best decision many of the AMBEX staff members ever made. It opened our eyes to the world and proved to be an unprecedented cultural awakening. We immersed ourselves in foreign languages, strengthened our independence, made life-long friends, and earned credits toward college graduation. We were able to witness a different way of life and gain a better understanding of our global community.  Many of the AMBEX enrollment team have personally grappled with the questions that you are currently asking yourselves: “Should I study abroad?  Where do I want to travel?  Can I still graduate on time?  What if I don’t speak a foreign language?  What do I want to accomplish while I’m abroad?”  AMBEX is here to help you answer any questions that arise and cater to your academic goals and personal needs.

IMG_2179-001Our founders’ time abroad left them with a strong desire to share the study abroad experience with others and ultimately inspired the creation of AMBEX. AMBEX has been able to offer students an unforgettable academic journey on a grand scale. Though it has been a lot of work, the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from AMBEX alumni serves as our inspiration, encouraging us to continue expanding and improving our program offerings with each new semester.

At Home with AMBEX

Before you leave for Europe, AMBEX is able to provide you with guidance on financing your semester abroad, transferring your credits and applying for a passport. We will also send you an extensive pre-arrival guide about living abroad, what to expect, even advice on what to bring!  No matter what the question, we will do our best find the answer and assist you. Just send us an email or let us know when we can reach you & we’ll give you a call and discuss them in person.

859098_10151521416190310_1927046480_o-001Once you arrive in Regensburg, Germany you will meet our onsite program directors eager to introduce you to your new home!  AMBEX program directors reside in the host city year-round and provide 24-hour assistance and support. AMBEX will assist you every step of the way whether that be in Regensburg, on academic travel tours or during your independent travel-study weeks… we’re here to help!

Upon your return to the U.S. AMBEX will work with you and your home university to transfer your credits and ensure that your home university receives your official transcripts. In addition, as AMBEX is known for its family-like atmosphere, we endeavor to foster our alumni relationships by keeping in touch and planning reunions & events.